About Me

Welcome! My name is Raina and I am glad you are here. My husband and I moved to Florida in 2006 to plant Coastline Community Church, and it has been a grand adventure with God! I am now a wife of 21 years, a mom to adult children (wait, tell me again how that happened?), and a grandmother to the cutest baby on the planet. Say he isn’t. We will have words, you and I. 
I started Glow, a ministry to the women of Coastline, a few years back with the goal and hope to encourage us all to follow after God in our everyday lives. Encourage, as in to literally give courage. We all could use a dose of courage to be godly women and moms and wives and neighbors and whatever seventy-eight hats you are wearing today.
And because I think we need courage in every area of our lives--like our marriages, our parenting skills, our friendships, keeping our homes a place of peace and hope, our relationship with God—I started teaching on all kinds of different things. In fact, that was the requirement I gave my husband, who happens to be the pastor, when I started: I want to teach this group. But I want to teach an assortment of things! Fun and lighthearted things like homemaking and Christmas, all the way to wading through deeper waters, like studying God’s Word and laying aside our burdens. Its all part of our lives, right? If we are going to live the awesome, multi-faceted lives for God, we may as well lead them courageously. 
So that, too, is my desire here at Everyday Glow. I hope to sprinkle a little courage on you to live the life you were designed for. Jesus desires for you to live an abundant life! In John 10:10 He says: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” That “they” Jesus is speaking of is YOU. Its me. He really does want that for us. So now that we know that, may we set out to live that more abundant life with a bit more courage and bravery and confidence in the Designer. 
My hope is that you read a little, take a little courage, and live your life abundantly for Christ as I simply share what has worked for me, spoken to me, or encouraged me as I seek to follow after God alongside you. 
I love a saying we have here at our church, and feel it applies to Everyday Glow:
Love God! Love People! Love Life!
I love you all!