Monday, May 14, 2018

Summer is Coming!

PEOPLE! I am so excited about summer. You know I love all the seasons, and here in Florida we celebrate them even if we can’t “feel” them, per say. Fall, winter, spring—sometimes we have to do these in theory. But summer is our jam. Summer is where it's at. Summer always feels like summer! So plan to get your summer on!

Do you have a plan for your summer? Not a minute by minute plan, by any means. The idea is more of a “We are going to have the best summer in the history of summers, and here’s how we’re going to do it” plan. Last June, I told you some of my “summer” words, and I still use those to guide my summer. Cause I don’t want to miss a thing! Maybe write your own list of summer words and use that as a starting off point. Buy a fun summer calendar—or draw one on a sheet of notebook paper! Take a bunch of colorful markers and write down when all those delicious summer words are going to appear in your weeks.

Maybe one of your words is “lemonade”—write on a fun calendar WHEN you’re going to make some lemonade with your kiddos, or your husband, or all by yourself. Make a big deal of it! Make the lemonade, take it outside, sit in that summer sun and do some daydreaming.

Sparklers! Write it on that “Fun Days” calendar. Buy them. Light them. Dance around and sing with them. Pool days and library days and soaking up the sun days and taking all our books outside and reading in the grass days and making ice cream sundae days. So much fun to be had!

I find that when I write these things down, not only do I actually follow through with my truest hopes for my season, whatever that season may be, but the anticipation actually breeds more fun and more joy. Anticipation of the fun thing can be nearly as good as the fun thing!

God actually wants you to have fun. He wants you to be full of His joy. Nehemiah 8:10 even tells us it's our strength. And don’t we all need that. He’s the One who made up summer in the first place, so I know He would want us to find such joy in it. Plan to have yourself a whole lot of joy.