Monday, April 9, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness.

Did you know there was such a thing as “Random Acts of Kindness Day”?! I didn’t, so predictably, I missed it. It was February 17. But all is not lost. Can’t any…random…day be a random acts of kindness day?

I mean, what a great idea for a day of celebration!! PLEASE celebrate the idea of this holiday, on any day of your choosing. Who knows who you will bless, at just the right time.

I talk to so many women going through such hard times. They are your cashiers at the grocery store. They are the ladies who check you out at Ross. They are your servers at the restaurant. They drive beside you and work beside you and pick up their kids from school beside you and live beside you. You just never know who you are blessing.

You just never know whose husband has just left, whose child has just been diagnosed, whose heart has just been broken, whose hope has just been crushed. And every single day we have a chance to bless, to love.

If we are the light of the world, then our part is to shine, even when we don’t know the back stories. Many times, most times, we won’t. It’s so great to know that God knows who needs our light most, and that’s why we trust Him to order our steps.

Go shine all over the place today. Random acts of kindness—sometimes they are as simple as a smile, as a compliment.

I try to remember that everybody has a back story as the cashier is rude to me. Or the server forgets my water again. As the driver cuts me off. Okay, that last one isn’t true. Yet. I’m still working on that…

But it’s true that every one of us has a hard day, and how awesome is it when on that day someone comes right along and just blesses our socks off? Go bless some socks off.