Monday, April 30, 2018

Letter Boards!

Are any of you guys into Letter boards? I LOVE them! It is so much fun to leave messages around to remind yourself of something good or bless someone with a loving message or if you are like me, try to think of something hilarious to put it on it so you will giggle every time you pass it. It’s like chalkboards for people with bad handwriting.

My daughter had one first and put awesome things on it. I would get tickled at all the things she would write. Then I got my own and have spent much too much time on Pinterest finding funny letter board quotes. Song lyrics. Riddles. The possibilities are endless, people.

But you know what? As hilarious as I like to think I am, the most comments I get from my family are when I leave them a simple message. Like “Welcome Home!” or “You’ve worked hard—let’s have a great weekend!” or “Made your favorite dinner to make up for your poopy day!” You see.

It’s certainly not rocket science. And it’s certainly not time-consuming. It’s like cards, I guess. It is so…thoughtful. So…personal. Someone took the time to write a special message just for me. Not for the masses, but me. And, hello, who doesn’t want a sign made just for them?!

Maybe try it out? They sell them everywhere now! I got this little one that I leave on my husband’s bathroom counter from time to time at the Dollar Spot at Target. SO FUN.

Write away to your heart's content. Be hilarious. Crack yourself up. And sometimes, be specific and personal…and still hilarious.