Monday, March 26, 2018

Quiet Time

Sometimes I am hesitant about sharing specific things from my time with the Lord. As a “pastor’s wife” (fyi, I have never been introduced to someone as “this is my plumber’s wife” or “this is my realtor’s wife." Just saying.), I realize that many people look up to me—particularly new Christians—and would want to copy exactly whatever I am doing. I know this because I have done this, too! If someone I respect is doing something just so, then maybe the way to do it is just so.

So I preface this post by saying there are SO MANY ways to spend time with God! And you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you are spending time with God, you are already doing it right. That said, I am a sucker for new ideas. And I do love to peek in at how other people do things.

I keep all my “quiet time” stuff in one place. Maybe you call it “devotional time” or “time with God” or maybe you don’t label it at all. I have no idea why I started with “quiet time”, but it has stuck! And we have a saying in our house that we read somewhere long ago--if I miss it one day, I know it. If I miss it two days, Jason knows it. If I miss it three days, the whole world knows it. Why? Cause I need Jesus rubbing off on me all the time! Every day! So I keep all my stuff in one place to make it easy.

What is this stuff I speak of? Mercy, it has varied quite a bit over the years. Different books and Bibles, notebooks, gratitude journals, pens, tissues, devotionals, highlighters. Of course, I have never met an office supply store I didn’t love, so I have to work to keep the stuff at a minimum. And since I am on a simplification kick, these days I only have my favorite Bible (a New Living Translation soft covered study Bible), a pen, a pair of headphones to listen to worship music on my phone (my favorite at the moment is Rita Springer’s “Battle”), a notebook to write Scriptures in, and a sweet little book my husband bought me 17 years ago called “Daily Light” that has Scripture readings for each day. That’s it.

Recently I bought a new bag to keep it all in. A cheerful bag that would make me happy every time I look it! Its all together for me to sit down with on my couch, or scoop up and take to the porch, or wherever my heart wants to sit with God. Some great advice I got after learning about spending time with God was simply keep your Bible and what will help you study it in one place, at the same place, so you don’t have to go chasing all over creation to find it. When that happens, its all too easy to say forget it when we go through seasons when we are a bit weary, or busy, or hardened.

So I pass this on to you. This is nothing new to many of you. But to those who know it but haven’t gathered it all together—whatcha waiting on? Go ahead. To those who haven’t heard this little tid bit, it's simple advice that has proved beyond helpful over the years for me.

Now, as much as I like to gather, to prepare, to plan—the trick here is to actually use it!! Just spend some time with the Lord. Again, no wrong way to do that. Pray. All that is is talking to God—we forget that sometimes, in a world of formulas and outlines. Just talking. How sweet is it that He listens to us?! And then do some listening. To worship music, sure, but to God mainly. Open up your heart. Read His Word. He’s got all sorts of neat things to say to you in there! Happy things, wise things. Things that will help you live out today, right where you are, just what you need.

Being a light to others starts with being ignited on the inside. That is exactly what I believe happens as we spend time with Jesus.

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