Thursday, March 8, 2018


And not even the very, very first of March! THE FIRST WEEK IS NOW OVER MARCH.

Some of you are like, come on already, while the rest of us are like, wait—what has happened?! And isn’t that always the case.

I hope January and February were wonderful to you! And speaking of…all those January goals. How are they going? I bet we’re about half and half as a group. Is that being optimistic?! Half of us are killing it, half of us don’t even want to remember the goals we’ve set. Or maybe all of us are killing it at half our goals and have stumbled over the rest. Eh, it happens. We are…wait for it…human.

You do remember that, right?

You’re not a superhuman being that suddenly can accomplish every single thing you can dream up just because the calendar page turned to January. Or February. Or March. SHOCKER. You do, however, have access to supernatural wisdom and strength as a child of God. So let Him into those wishes and desires you had as the clock struck midnight back on the last day of December. Tell Him if you can’t figure out the how. Tell Him you want to know how not to fail in that area.

I am surprised by how many people I talk to that think some things are out of God’s field of concern. Like He really cares if you read your Bible every day, but has no interest in your desire to eat healthier. Or He is extremely concerned about you resurrecting that prayer life, but isn’t even remotely interested in your wanting to put some spice back in your marriage. Like we think God has a column of things for us: “spiritual” and “nonspiritual”.

Hmmm. Let’s think this through. When your kids have a concern, a goal, a hope, do you do some parental discerning and put those things into categories? Do you push some aside as not concerning you? I hope not! You may not understand it—that’s your humanity showing again—but you are certainly interested. If it's your kids' desire to teach your dog to say “I love you” (I have experience here), you will watch 1000 youtube videos to help them achieve this, even though you wouldn't have dreamed that up.

See where I’m going here?

God cares! And He is not human, so not only does He care, He delights in you and in helping you and doesn’t have that pesky not understanding you to deal with. He gets you. Read that again.

He is FOR you. On your side. On your team. Your biggest cheerleader. Your biggest fan. Let Him in! Even if you feel like you’re failing, or it isn’t a “spiritual” goal. All of our lives are spiritual if we are Christ followers! We are so intertwined with Him. Psalm 37:4 even tells us He gives us the desires of our hearts. That means He places them within you! He puts in you the want to want certain things. A great marriage? Check. A strong body? Check.

So toss the whole thing to Him! Cast your cares on Him! Let Him show you the how and the what and the where and when. ASK!

I mean, how could our old dog Jeb, ever have learned to say “I love you” if the kids hadn’t asked for my help?!