Monday, November 20, 2017

Dream Thief: Comparison

I love love love Pinterest. I love to look at Thanksgiving tables and Thanksgiving dishes and Thanksgiving decor and Thanksgiving everything. It's fabulous. As long as I keep it in context, it's a lot of fun and gives me gobs of inspiration. Where things get off track is when I begin to sigh to myself and say oh, I wish I had that. And that! And that! Can you say overwhelm?! 

Maybe you have a dream for a truly peaceful and wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you do. Don't let anything steal that dream from you. Be aware of the dream thieves and give them no entrance. No matter how little they may be. The Bible tells us, after all, that it's the little foxes that spoil the vine. 

I take what I can from the inspiration--I love the look of 97 candles on the table, but I have 4 and they will do beautifully. I love the idea of making 42 dishes for the big day, but in reality, my family will only eat the same few things I make every year. It's fun to add in one or two new things, but overwhelm happens when I compare it to the 42 previously mentioned. 

Comparison thinking is such a little dream snatcher. Let's not let that kind of thinking steal this joyful day from us. 

Proverbs 17:1 "Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife."

I hope there's so so little strife and so so much peace for you this Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Is it just me or is it crazy town that we are a week out from Thanksgiving! I am very excited! Family and food and fun and lots of gratefulness. I wanted to tell you a little thing I've been doing to prepare my heart a bit. Since I have been seeing Christmas decorations at the mall and Christmas commercials on the tv since BEFORE HALLOWEEN (sorry I had to scream that at you, but it is very emotional), I wanted to do something that would help me keep my mind and heart focused on actually giving thanks so that I won't miss the beautiful Thanksgiving season in the mad rush to Christmas joy. 

I simply bought a small box of thank you cards that are blank inside and began jotting down a note of thanks to my husband each day. Heartfelt and deep things like, "Thank you for listening to me..." to silly and fun things like, "Thanks for being so sexy!" It has been the biggest blessing to ME! But, bonus, he has been blessed by it, too. 

I cleaned the counter off yesterday morning and found his cards stacked by the coffee pot. I put them away, but when he came home he immediately asked where they were! Why in the world?! This was his answer: "I've been re-reading them every morning." Swoon. 

What a simple thing that has brought such great joy. Small investment, huge reward. 

Hey--you still have a week! Maybe you could do this for your husband, your kids, random people. Love on them while remembering to give thanks. Maybe you'll start a gratitude journal to God! But thank you cards work too!! 

Maybe you'll do it every day or maybe you'll write a longer one to hand on actual Thanksgiving day. There are no rules! Just an idea to bring some thankfulness into your days. 

Love you all!