Monday, September 18, 2017

Glow Starts Tuesday, September 19!

Hey ladies!! The band is getting back together! Glow starts Tuesday! Woo hoo! All the exclamation points!!!! If you are a regular, welcome back! If you haven’t been yet, come on and give us a shot! You belong!

Let me give some information based on the questions I get asked most:

*We are ladies of all ages in all different stages of life getting together to learn how to live as children of God. If you are a woman, Glow is for you!

*You don’t need to bring anything but yourself! No need for workbooks or books. Of course your Bible and maybe a pen and paper would be handy, but we have those at church if you forget.

*You won’t be called on to answer questions, to get in a group, to come up front, or to pray out loud. It is very much like a church service, just for us girls.

*I teach from the Bible, not from a printed study or book. Bible studies are GREAT! I use them myself sometimes in my personal quiet time. I know many of you use them in your home groups! Awesome! Glow, however, is a bit different in that though I may have a “series” sometimes, each week is stand alone. If you can only come once, come on! If you can come bi-weekly, bring it on. I know many of you have odd work schedules, have littles that get sick and cranky, and a myriad of reasons you have to miss sometimes. Every week is a complete lesson for this reason. You won’t feel behind if you pop in three weeks from now!

*We have childcare for ages 5 and under. Bring your little people with you—they will have a blast!

*We start at 10:30 in the main sanctuary at Coastline.

I love Glow with all my heart and have been praying for you and this semester since we broke for the summer. I can’t wait to dig into God’s Word with you and let it transform us more and more into the image of our Savior and Lord Jesus.

Love you all!