Friday, August 25, 2017

Creator of New Things.

Jason and I are on our Sabbatical right now, resting and praying and just being. Sabbatical comes from the word Sabbath—so if it is a confusing term, it simply means taking an extended Sabbath to refresh ourselves in the Lord. I am loving every minute of it!

One of the things I am doing personally is starting the Bible in the starting place. Genesis 1. I love to read books of the Bible, and I love to jump around to what I’m “feeling” on any certain day, and I will tell you there is no wrong way to read the Bible! It has just been a little bit since I started in Genesis and read it through. I’ve put no time frame on it, I have no “plan” to finish it by any certain time. What sparked this was a longing to rediscover Who God really is. Like really.

You can be told a lot about a person and it may or may not be true. It may be filtered through the teller’s one time experience or maybe they heard it from someone who heard it from someone—so many chances for misinterpretation. But if you go straight to the source and hang around for a while, you’ll get the real info. You’ll see who they are, what they are about, where they’re coming from. You’ll get an understanding of their motives behind their actions, their thoughts, their drives.

It's not different with Abba. If we want to know our God, we have to see what He said about His own Self, not blindly trust others’ opinions, no matter how great they may be. So I decided to go on a refresher course—an overview to remind me why God made me and you and this world and what is His plan anyway and Who is He really, really?

And maybe I will share some thoughts along the way! Although, you should go on your own journey. Your own refresher course, perhaps? And it doesn’t have to look anything like mine! Maybe you read a particular Book or study a particular word. So many ways to know Him!

As a mind blowing thought of how insanely great God is, I didn’t get past the first couple of verses in the Book before writing down something awesome in my handy little “God is…” notebook. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.”

God sees past the darkness. God sees past the emptiness. He sees something where there is nothing.

I’m sitting here looking out a window onto a beautiful lake with trees and flowers and there are squirrels and geese and there is light. That used to be nothing. Nothing at all. Sheer darkness and emptiness. I see with my own eyeballs what God created out of that void.

If you are feeling empty and darkness has overtaken your life today, would you go to your window, too? Maybe you see a kid riding their bike to school, or a big palm tree, or a bird flying by, or a cloud shaped a funny way, or a rainbow. Whatever your view is, it used to be nothing. And then God made something. Right at the beginning of the Story, He shows us what He can do.

He showed Abraham, too. A lot of great things happened in Abraham’s life. The greatest, in my opinion, is that he was God’s friend (James 2:23). In Romans 4:17 we are told it was because “…Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing.”

So who is God? He is certainly the Creator of new things. I’m asking Him to create new things in me today. Things I can’t even see—all I see is the emptiness and formlessness and darkness in some areas. But He can see the shape. He can bring the light. He can fill it with something good. He’s already proven He can do it. Let’s believe Him to do it for us.