Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Through A Child’s Eyes

Jason and I had a wonderful few days with our grandson this week. So fun to see the world through a child’s eyes! Things that are a part of my everyday look different when I see them through an 18 month old’s eyes. The big yard. The extra large dog that must look like a horsey to him. The wide open beach. The vast ocean that seems to have no end. So much to explore and see and touch and, for him at least, to taste! It was an absolute delight to see things anew, with a spirit of adventure and curiosity.

It made me think how God made this whole big world for us to explore and enjoy alongside Him. He must delight in us as we have new experiences He created for us. He must be thrilled as we curiously journey through this life He has given us, led by the Holy Spirit. The wonderful outer world of yards and horseys and beaches and oceans, of course! But also the inner world of living by faith and walking in love and joy and peace and looking to His Word for life.

You know what else? Jack never wanted to explore apart from us. He always wanted to hold onto our hands or our pants leg. If he ran ahead, he would look back, just to make sure we were still with him. So precious. I want to be that way with God. What good would it all be if He weren’t with me? I want to hold onto His hands, keep close to Him so I know He’s there on this giant adventure with me.

Jack doesn’t know this yet, but we would never, ever leave him! Our eyes are glued to that little sucker!! He just needs to reassure himself sometimes. You may not know yet, but I assure you that God will never leave you. Hebrews 13:5, “I will never abandon you.” So when I reach for His hand or turn my eyes up to make sure He’s there, it is not Him I am doubting. I am well aware of my wanderings and how easily I can forget about Him. And I don’t want to forget about Him. I want Him to be involved in every single part of my life. He wants that, too. I want to immediately look to Him—“Hey God, did you see that?”, “Wasn’t that so cool, God?”, “Whoa! That was amazing, God!”

I want to follow the Leader right into that abundant life He has promised me. I hope you follow Him, too, this week and that you have a fun, adventurous week!