Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wish List Wednesday

Do you have a wish list somewhere? Things you would really love but for some reason haven’t gotten? Things you are going to treat yourself to in that elusive “someday”? My favorite wish list is the list of actual books I’m wishing for on Amazon. Now, of course, pretty much all of my material wish list-ees can be found on Amazon. What did we do before our beloved came along to deliver anything and everything we may want or need right to our doorstep? Shudder. Don’t think back to those dark times.

Back to the books—I love when I get an update from my favorite authors from Amazon. It's just an email telling me when their next release will be out, usually it’s a good two or three months before the release date. I’ll put that straight on my wish list and then I’ll go and browse through the titles coming up. I love the anticipation! I start to think about what I’ll be doing—John Grisham’s newest will be out in June. Wonder if I’ll read it to Jason at the beach? Jan Karon’s next book will be out in September—wonder if I’ll be feeling fall-ish around then? I love that.

I hope you have a wish list of your own. Of books or clothes or furniture as well as hopes and goals and dreams. Because it is good to have something to look forward to. It is fun to anticipate the good things in our lives. It's good to put that incredible imagination God gave you to work, wishing good things for the future.

Wish away, my friend, wish away.