Monday, May 29, 2017

Two Sides of Confidence

Confidence seems to be a theme lately. In my own heart, in discussions I’m having, in things and people I’m reading about. Courage, too. How do you define courage? What about confidence? I wonder if I don’t get them mixed up sometimes! I view confidence as more of who I am—when I learn I am worthy because I belong to God, then I become confident. I see courage as more the “how” to walk out the “who”. If I live out my everyday destiny for God, leaning on Him daily for the smallest to the biggest things, then I’m living courageously, in my mind.
I love both words. I want to live both. I want to be a woman of confidence and I want to be a woman of courage. I know I need God for both.
Let's talk a bit about confidence.
The confidence I want comes from seeing myself through the eyes of God’s Word. Because that is true, that is possible. I really am what it says I am! It is not a burden to carry, it is more a destiny to live out.
In a merely earthly sense, confidence becomes a burden when it is all about “living up” to some image, or “proving” our worth, or sustaining some reputation. That all comes from self-effort. 
But real confidence, in my view, isn’t based on personal effort at all—it is based solely on faith. Faith that I am who God says I am. And then it transforms me, because I am no longer confident in me; rather, I am confident in God in me.
Let me tell you from personal experience, the difference in the two makes all the difference! Life becomes more beautiful and freeing when we realize it isn’t about us, but about Him. In our pursuit “Everyday Glow”, we aren’t endeavoring to shine our own light for ourselves, by ourselves, but we are shining God’s light in us. Bringing Matthew 5:14 to pass: “You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.”
It is a mind shift that goes from culture thinking to Kingdom thinking. Look at it like this:
You are beautiful. But you are not valuable because you are beautiful. You are valuable because you are God’s.
You are intelligent. But you are not valuable because you are intelligent. You are valuable because you are God’s.
You are sassy and witty and hilarious and the best storyteller and a fashion queen and a fabulous chef and a hands-on mommy and a thrilling wife and a straight A student…and on and on…and hooray for all those things! Celebrate these things! Cause God is gifting you with those things! But you are not valuable because of the gifts—you are valuable because of the Giver. You are valuable because you are God’s masterpiece. And it is because you are God’s masterpiece that you are beautiful and intelligent and sassy… see what I’m saying.
Cause the day may come when beauty fades and intelligence dims and sassiness has left the building. But you are still oh so valuable. Because being His never changes.
I hope you have a wonderfully confident day! Confident in knowing Whose you are! 
Love you all!