Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuna Tuesdays

We do a fun thing with our pastoral staff on the first Tuesday of every month—Tuna Tuesdays! Since we’ve been talking so much about celebration, I thought I’d throw this in. It's super fun, super NOT serious, and super relaxing. My husband will grill or smoke fish—spoiler: sometimes it is not, in fact, tuna. Sometimes it is actually Tilapia Tuesday or Salmon Tuesday. Don’t judge us.—and everyone else will bring sides. Not too much work for any one person. The kids play and run and scream and the adults talk and laugh and eat. It’s a great night.

We deal with serious stuff all the time. People who are in life altering situations, every single day. We hear the horrible and heartbreaking things happening in our community on a daily basis. And it’s an honor to do so. It’s a blessing to be able to pray, give advice as we can, and to point to the Lord. Because of this, many of our interactions with each other during the week and month can be serious. Not all, of course, but many. So we have Tuna Tuesdays. We have a time of just being together without the weight of the world on our shoulders.

I hope you have this with your people. Lighthearted times. I know things can get serious. I know decisions have to be made. I know you have to be focused. But I also know you need some fun. You need some fellowship—that old time word that simply means friendly association, companionship, comradeship.

I can recall when both my kids were teenagers and there were seasons things would get tense. Maybe it was decisions about college. Maybe it was serious conversations about their choice of friends. Maybe it was opposite sex related disagreements. Whatever the reason, it was very important and almost always felt urgent. Do you know it was during those exact times that we needed our family equivalent to Tuna Tuesdays? We needed to take off to the theme park as a family, or down the street to the ice cream parlor just the four of us. Something silly and no brainer and bonding in the best way. 

No, it didn’t solve all our problems. We didn’t suddenly have the answer about college or friends or the opposite sex situation. But it did remind us—hey! We really like each other! We are FOR each other! We’re together in this deal—in the good and in the bad. We’re not gonna check out on each other when times get hard—we’re just gonna go get some tuna.