Tuesday, May 23, 2017


What are you thirsty for? Not in the physical sense, but in life. The actual definition is parched, feeling the need to drink something. Jesus, of course, knew that we would be thirsty in our souls for something beyond ourselves. That’s why He told the woman at the well: “Those who drink the water that I give will never be thirsty again” in John 4:14. Again, in John 7:37 He tells us, “Anyone who is thirsty may come to Me!” So what are you thirsty for? Parched for? Longing for?
I came across a Verse today that made me think of all this. Romans 2:29: “A person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people.” God knows us well, doesn’t He? He knows that longing for praise from men instead of from Him leads to all sorts of missteps. Mistakes. Regrets. So He changes our hearts, if we let Him. To long for and thirst for Him and His acceptance rather than from people. People are fickle—we can like one day, dislike the next, approve one day, disapprove the next. Not God. He’s the same forever and ever and ever. And when you do drink of Him, come to Him for your needs and your approval and your acceptance, He will enthrall you! You’ll be full. Your heart will be full.
He has exactly what you are longing for, whether you know how to articulate it or not.
The woman at the well could have been any of us at one point or another, really. She was thirsting for things. Maybe love. Maybe acceptance. Maybe hope. Maybe stability. Read her story for yourself in John 4:4-32. It's awesome. Thing is—she didn’t know what she was thirsting for because she was trying to quench that thirst with things in this life. Jesus was the answer to her questions, the very thing she was seeking. He is the answer to ours as well. He says the same thing to you, you know. ANYONE can come to Him to drink Living Water.
Back to the Verse in Romans—when He does quench your thirst—when He gives you peace and joy and love and hope, you have a changed heart. And when you have a changed heart, you will seek praise from God and not from people. You won’t be running after people’s approval, you’ll be looking to God alone for His acceptance. 
Go to Him today. He’s got just what you need.