Thursday, May 25, 2017

Our Favorite

Jason and I love to read books together. This started on our honeymoon. We drove to our destination and I read aloud the whole way. We got the biggest kick out of finding out the book we were reading was set in the same county we were staying—we had no idea! So a love affair of reading together was born. We’ve never stopped. And, yes, I know there are audiobooks now with better readers, more inflection, even accents. But there’s nothing like Jason and I hanging out and getting into a book together with our very own voices and stopping to discuss this character or that mystery. We always have a book going.
I wanted to share our favorite author with you today in case you are in need of a great book and haven’t heard of him. His name is Charles Martin and you need to exit this blog right now and buy every book he has ever written. There are no duds. He is amazing at capturing us. People. Our faith struggles, our human struggles, our defeats and our victories and our sorrows and our joys. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be addicted. You will say along with my husband, “Why can’t all authors write like this?”
So you are welcome.
As a side note to the author referral, please do what God has gifted you to do. Don’t be afraid of man, of rejection, of all the what if’s that come out of actually living out your dreams. There will probably be some rejection, unfortunately. There will be some down days where you doubt yourself. But there will also be people watching you live out God’s gifting whose breath is taken away. You will leave us inspired. You will leave us hopeful. In Charles martin’s case, there are two people in backyard loungers saying, with tears running down their faces, THIS IS SO GOOD. He’s living his gift, showing God’s goodness. I’m so glad he didn’t decide to be something else. Hey you—don’t decide to be something else. 

God has gifted you, too. I don’t know what it is, but He does, and He wants to tell you! And if you already know it, He wants to direct your steps to show you how you, too, can show His crazy good goodness by living out the beautiful gifts He’s given you in front of others.
I’m waiting. Leave me breathless.