Monday, May 15, 2017

Momentum: Quiet Time

I find I need to start my week with momentum. If I’m going to end well, I need to start well, and I need that momentum from a good start to keep me going. I gather strength and strength and strength from that good beginning and it keeps me going through the lazier times where I might want to quit or falter.  One of the best ways I keep momentum and keep my focus through my week is through my quiet time. I know there are many definitions of quiet time, here is mine: I just take the first moments of my day and spend them with God. There’s no specific schedule—I just pray and read the Bible and listen. I try to give God my day and all that it entails: my thoughts and my time and my actions and everything I have planned and everything I don’t know about yet. 
People will ask me sometimes what has made the most difference for me in growing in the Lord. This is it, without a doubt. How can you get to know a person unless you spend time with them? We are told often what God is like—I like to find out for myself. Also, you can’t have true transformation without time spent in the process. I want to be transformed into looking and acting and thinking more and more like Christ. So I spend the time.
Not only has this led to relationship and transformation, it has helped me keep my focus through my days and weeks. Thus, the momentum. I don’t know if I can explain this fully. This verse does it better: “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31
When I “wait” on God, when I take that time with Him, I’m renewing my strength. It is filling. And when I enter a day and a week that is draining, that strength I gain from Him keeps me flying and running and walking. 
If you’ve never tried to spend some time alone with God, I encourage you to try it. Better yet, I double dog dare you. It will change you in the best ways. And if you have done this as a spiritual discipline, but haven’t been consistent, I encourage you to get a string of days and then weeks and then months together where you give God part of your day. It is certainly not so you can get a gold star for making a new habit, it is so you can live in strength, not having to work up new strength each day. It's so you can keep your focus on God more instead of having to remind yourself over and over and over that you wanted to keep Him a priority this year. It's so you can wait on Him and learn from Him and learn to trust Him and move forward in the renewed strength that He promises. Momentum. It’s a good thing!