Saturday, May 13, 2017

He is Powerful

There is this lady in the Bible, in Mark 7, who is seeking Jesus. She is desperate—her daughter is in need. The Scripture notes that she is not a Jew, she is a woman. All sorts of cultural things going on here. But she is concerned with one thing and one thing only—Jesus. She needs Him. And she asked Him for His help.
And He gave it. 
Right where He sat. What a great reminder of the authority of Jesus. He did not see this lady’s daughter. He did not touch her. He didn’t even ask the details of where she was or what she was doing. He just delivered here from right where He was to wherever she was. He is ALL powerful like that. 
Sometimes I forget how powerful He really is. Sometimes I get caught up in cultural or church-y things (ie: am I doing it right?), when what I really need to be doing is simply falling at the feet of Jesus and saying “I need You!” Sometimes I think He needs all the details and maybe a little advice—“here’s how you should do this thing, Jesus”, instead of just saying, “I need You!” Sometimes I get too caught up in how in the world can He ever answer this instead of only concerning myself with my part of it—“I need You!”
Getting into all the how’s of prayer—How could He answer? How is this possible? How could He do it?—is really not my business. “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible,” Jesus tells us in Matthew 19:26. I needed this lady to remind me to quit looking at all the ways the situation may be impossible and run to the feet of the One Who makes all things possible. 
I needed to be reminded of the power of God. It is so far beyond my thoughts or my senses. This lady received what she needed for her daughter because she kept it all about Jesus. I think I’ll learn from her.