Wednesday, May 31, 2017

He Gets The Job Done

I’m still thinking about confidence and it got me thinking back to the first Bible Verse I ever memorized—Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that He Who has a begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”  

I remember hearing that and loving it. Loving the promise and possibility in it. I was a fairly new follower of Christ and I knew that I knew that I knew that He had begun this great work in me. This work of change and transformation and restoration. I could feel myself coming more alive. I never wanted that feeling to end.
So when I found this Verse, I thought “Yes! This is for me!”, and I clearly remember writing it out with a purple pen on yellow paper and sticking it on the front of my fridge. My kids were littles then, so I was in that kitchen often. I read that sentence over and over and over. It became a part of me.
And of course life happened and business barged in and my mind was preoccupied, and that “feeling” of being more and more alive sort of faded. But this Verse was in me by this point. The Word of God is living and active (see Hebrews 4:12), and it would rise up right inside of me and seem to whisper “remember….” I put that Verse on my fridge 20 years ago, and it still lives in my heart.
Can I encourage you to memorize Bible Verses? God is His Word, we are told in  John 1:1, and when you are thinking on His Word, the Bible, you are thinking about Him! And since it is living, and since it is active, it is actually doing something in you as you think about it. It’s a miracle.
The miracle, for me, from this single Verse was probably more extensive than I can put into words. But I know this happened: As I read those words over and over “being confident of this…”, I really did become confident. In Him. In His Work. In His faithfulness. And that confidence keeps growing. This Verse has really been a gift that has kept giving to me on my journey with the Lord.
Maybe that’s when God began to show me that though I can’t always be confident in myself, because I am a human and I make mistakes and as bad as I may not want to, I do still sin and fall, I can certainly be confident in Him. My confidence in Him is never misplaced because the One Who started the work is well able to finish it. The Artist Who began drawing this new life of mine certainly knows what colors to add when, what to highlight where, what to erase when I get my own pencil involved.
I challenge you to pick a Verse to memorize this week. If you aren’t reading your Bible right now and “picking a Verse” seems overwhelming in such a big Book, then I challenge you to start reading the Bible in the Book of John (last half of the Book, just check the table of contents) and as you read through it this week, this month, I bet a verse leaps off the page for you. That’s a good place to start cause it tells all about Jesus. Or, you can just take this verse I’ve written about today! 
Whatever you choose, I know God will make it alive in your heart!