Friday, May 19, 2017

Feel Good Friday

I am hoping for an amazing weekend for you and for me and for our people. I hope for us that it is fun and zany and silly and light-hearted and not so heavy laden. I hope you live every moment and then you take a mental picture and save it away in your heart and mind to enjoy on the weekends that maybe aren’t so fun and zany.

If this definitely isn’t the weekend for you to do that, I hope you reach back into your mental picture files and pull up some memories of some ones that were. I’m forever grateful God allows us to store so many memories up there. Some I could do without, of course, but the vast majority are happy and hopeful and bring all kinds of pleasure. I love taking those good times back out for a spin on weekends where good times are in short supply.
Whichever kind of weekend you are experiencing, find some good things. Close your eyes to capture the image of your kids getting all kinds of muddy on one of the first weekends of summer. Close your eyes to capture the way you feel when your spouse says I love you. Close your eyes to capture the laughter that came out of you when your dog raced and raced and raced around the house for no reason whatsoever. Those are some of my good times, anyway. I believe you’ll find your own. 
Happy Weekend!