Thursday, April 27, 2017

National Tell a Story Day

I read that today is “National Tell A Story Day”. I love it! We are all encouraged to read a story to someone (even libraries get in on the action!), tell a story from our imagination, or tell a story from our lives. What a great day, people!

I love stories of all kinds. I love to hear stories from people’s lives—they give good insight to our friends and family, don’t they? I love the stories in the Bible—real accounts of my spiritual people. I love fiction stories, stories told from someone’s imagination that inspire things in us. Give me a story. I’ll love it.

My daughter and I read the “Christy Miller” series by Robin Jones Gunn while we still lived in Memphis. She was born and raised there and her whole life revolved around that community until she was a week shy of 14. That’s when we moved our family to Florida to follow God’s dream to plant a church on the Space Coast. To make the transition easier, I would remind her of Christy often. “Hey—remember when Christy had to move away from all she loved to the beach? She met new friends, she learned about God, and she met her surfer boy Todd and fell in love? Oh, Chelsea, I just know that is going to happen to you, too.” Inspiration. Hope. Stories are full of them.

(Spoiler: Chelsea did indeed meet her surfer boy. Only his name is Christopher. And in ways I consider strange and fascinating, her life has, in fact, mirrored Christy Miller. Quit telling our future, Ms. Gunn.)

Would you tell a story today? Tell your own story! Tell of the real life fairy tale of Jesus coming to rescue you, the princess in distress. Tell the story of your transformation, of your deliverance, of your forgiveness. Because it's not only fictional stories that inspire and give hope. It's YOUR story that will fan the flame of possibility in someone else.

I think this is a day worth celebrating!