Friday, February 17, 2017


I have a unicorn mask. I was in Books-A-Million one day, being all bookish, when I rounded the corner to a stand of hats. In the midst of all the hats, there it was—this magical unicorn mask. I could not believe no one bought it. How does something this fantastic stay unsold? I can’t answer all the questions of the universe for you. I bought it.

I immediately sent a picture of it to my children. They both agreed that, of course, I had to buy the mask. It could not not be done. I have had great fun with this mask. I sneak up on my dog with it. I scare my husband by popping out from an unexpected place as—surprise!—a unicorn. If you were wondering, yes. It was well worth the money.

I was writing a lesson this week on how we are all so tempted to pretend. Wherever you may live, whatever walk of life you are in, whether you work or don’t, mother or don’t, wife or don’t, we are all tempted to be something…else. Something that fits in better. Something that elevates others’ opinions of us. Something that shows off something we don’t have but wish we did.

I want to live as me, I try to live as me, but I do catch myself pretending from time to time. It’s a hard habit to break. Especially when you’re surrounded by so many people doing so much pretending. But I always come back to this thought: whatever I feel I “need” to pretend to be, that I am not, that I am called to be, that I do not even wish to be—that magical elusive thing will change. That’s the way of culture. It changes. You know the ways. One day, one body type is in and next year it's something else. This type of mothering is in this season, the next it's on to a different type of mothering. One store is THE STORE and then it's not, cause THE NEXT STORE has opened. Colors of the year. Hairstyles. Design. Even Heidi Klum reminds us: “in fashion, one day you are in and the next you are out”. (Note to reader: if you do not recognize that quote,  you need to stop reading this RIGHT NOW and find Project Runway and watch them all. THEM ALL.)

So I have found that I can work myself into a complete frenzy becoming something so not me only to find once I feel comfortable in that pretend role, everyone has moved on to something else. Well poop. And it begins again.

What an exhausting way to live. God knew it would be. That is why He told us in Romans 12:2 not to copy the “patterns” of this world. I’m not to lay out whatever is culturally cool/cool/hip/admirable/praiseworthy and pattern my life after that. I’m to seek Him and let Him change the way I think so I’ll be really and truly me. The me that isn’t exhausting to be. The me that is patterned after my Creator, so is totally possible to be. The classic me. The one that never goes out of style.

Now, where did I put that unicorn mask?