Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Chase.

What if God just dropped down in the middle of your lunch with some girlfriends and pointed at one of them and said, “THIS ONE. This is a woman after my own heart.” After your heart restarted, you would start peppering this one with questions: What’s your secret? What do you do? How has this magical thing happened and how can I get Him to say that about me?!

This is what we explored at Glow this week. Because this has actually been said about someone in the Bible—David. And while I cannot pretend to know all of David’s secrets, I do catch a glimpse of his heart for God in Psalm 27. This is part of what he says there:

“One thing I have desired of the Lord,
That will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord
All the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the Lord,
And to inquire in His temple.”

One thing. What thing? To always be wherever God was and to behold His beauty.

This kind of desire is not a fleeting wish—to David, it was something worth doing something about.

I know this because he follows it up with the seeking. “That will I seek…” Some versions say, “That I SHALL seek…” It’s a declaration! Because we all know desiring and seeking are two different animals. I can say I want, I want, I want—but if I don’t put feet to that want, those are just fleeing whims, certainly not all consuming desires.

I think this was an all-consuming desire for David. He wasn’t just going to sit around and tell you, or God, that he wanted something. He was going to seek it. Put action to it. Press toward that longing with his actions.

That pressing and drive takes commitment. Without discipline and commitment—That I SHALL seek—even my deepest desires will dwindle down to nothing. And all of a sudden I find myself living a life without desire, without passion for something, without hunger and thirst for God and His promise of abundant life.

Discipline is not a dirty word! Oh, no, I wasn’t telling you that, I was telling myself that. Sometimes my actions say that I expect everything to be handed to me. That I should just *poof!*, have a longing to be with God. But I’m not seeking after having that longing.

Feels sort of like a chicken and egg situation, doesn’t it? What comes first—the desiring or the seeking? In different seasons of my life, it has played out in different ways. But I have learned that the right feelings follow the right actions. Somehow, the wrong feelings arrive all on their own and try to lead me around like a slave to a master. But feelings are not supposed to master me. God, Adonai, is to be my Master. And when I actually put the right actions first, the seeking, the leaning, the pressing in towards God and His grace and love and mercy, I find that miraculously the desire is there.

I’m going to do some seeking this week. Action to light the flame of desire. I’m going to do the things I know to do—limit distractions, clear my schedule to spend some alone time with God, commit to read His Word every day. All the things I already know are good for me, things I already know bring me peace, things I already know give clarity and direction to my life. And I’m going to do those things believing they will be the kindling for the fire of desire that I WANT to have.  Because I do want to want it! I want to want to say one thing I have desired of the Lord, to dwell in Him, to dwell on Him.

Focus. That’s the discipline it takes for me. Not a sideways glance at Him every now and again, but a focus on Him so intent that I not only see Him when the world is shut off from me in my quiet time, but I see Him in my everyday moments. I see His grace at work in the hard things. I see His face in the people around me. I am so wrapped up in desire for Him that I behold His beauty in the sunrise and at the grocery store and while I’m paying my bills and working through my to do list. Because I really want to want that.

I want to dwell in God. Dwell where He is. And I want to dwell on God. Dwell on His love and beauty and majesty and all the good things instead of dwelling on whatever in this crazy world catches my attention at any given moment. So I’m putting some feet to my wants this week. This I shall seek. Go after. Explore. Pursue. Its certainly a desire worth chasing.

Have an amazing day!