Saturday, October 15, 2016

Binders, Anyone?

Jason and I have been watching Parks and Recreation. HILARIOUS. I mean, seriously. To have a 20-minute time block where you just laugh and laugh about pure silliness is refreshing. Can I tell you that I love Leslie Knope? For many, many reasons, but I will only explore one. One is all that is needed.

THE BINDERS. Binders upon binders. She has a binder for everything that comes in her head, in her life, in her work. Did it happen? Then it’s in a binder. Might it happen? Then it’s in a binder. Just last night we watched the episode where someone made a comment about not voting for her because she didn’t seem like someone you could go bowling with. This impacted her. So what did she do?

That’s right! A BINDER.

I love this. If you know me, you know I love this. Everyone made fun of poor Leslie—binders aren’t cool, binders are for the people who stay home on Friday nights and do—what else?—make binders. But you know what? It worked for her! And she was successful doing something out of the ordinary in terms of her culture. Yes, I am totally about to spiritualize Leslie Knope.

1. THAT’S ME!!! I actually have many binders. You don’t know me. I have a lot of business. Everyone ribs me all the time. I have heard things like, “Oh, bless your heart,” and my personal favorite, “Oh. So, wait, this is like old school Pinterest? Like before Pinterest was invented? Like 20 years ago?” Yes. Yes it is.

2. IT WORKED! So what if it wasn’t cool or hip in Leslie’s world? So what if it isn’t cool or hip in my world? So what if whatever you are doing that works for you isn’t you-fill-in-the-blank-for-whatever-you-get-made-fun-of-for? What works for you works for you.  I know this for sure—we stay committed to what works for us.

3. Why, oh why, am I telling you this? You, who may have never even heard of Leslie Knope, bless your heart. Because it got me thinking, and I wanted to share. Someone wrote up Leslie Knope. And all through the television series, her character stayed true to the writer’s vision. Everything was “classic” Leslie Knope. I love it.

I was written by a Writer, too. He has a very specific vision to my life, and sometimes corny things like TV shows jiggle my brain in just the right way to ask me if I am living true to His vision for my character. What if Leslie took a hard turn in season 3 and wanted to be cool like Donna or smooth like Tom? Wouldn’t it jar us viewers?! Wouldn’t we say, “Nooooooo!! We want Leslie back! The real Leslie!”

I know, I know. The super spiritual among you are rolling your eyes. I get it. But for the rest of us: I’m watching your life. I don’t want you to be like Donna or Tom. I want you to be you! I want you to be authentic to the Writer’s vision of you! So rock your silliness!

Seriously—the Writer put things of Himself in you that He didn’t put in me! Yes, we should all have His characteristics in terms of the fruit of the Spirit. We should all be aspiring to walk in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. But how do YOU live out love? And joy—that’s the episode I really want to see. Give me a vision of what peace looks like.

Isn’t that how we learn? I learn from those who are different from me. Who live out God and His ways in a way I haven’t learned yet!

And I could teach you a thing or two about binders.

Have a great day!